Journal Articles

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  • J.-M. Ménard, F. Köttig, P. St.J. Russell. Broadband electric-field-induced LP01 and LP02 second harmonic generation in Xe-filled hollow-core PCF. Optics Letters 41, 3795 (2016) [pdf]

  • P. Uebel, M. C. Günendi, M. H. Frosz, G. Ahmed, N. N. Edavalath, J.-M. Ménard, P. St.J. Russell. Broadband robustly single-mode hollow-core PCF by resonant filtering of higher-order modes. Optics Letters 41, 1961 (2016) [pdf]

  • J.-M. Ménard and P. St.J. Russell. Phase-matched electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation in Xe-filled hollow-core PCF. Optics Letters 40, 3679 (2015) [pdf]
  • C. Poellmann, U. Leierseder, E. Galopin, A. Lemaître, A. Amo, J. Bloch, R. Huber, J.-M. Ménard. Microcavity design for low threshold polariton condensation with ultrashort optical pulse excitation. Journal of Applied Physics 117, 205702 (2015) [pdf]
  • J.-M. Ménard, B. M. Trabold, A. Abdolvand, P. St.J. Russell. Raman amplification of pure side-seeded higher-order modes in hydrogen-filled hollow-core PCF. Optics Express 23, 895 (2015) [pdf]
  • J.-M. Ménard, C. Poellmann, M. Porer, U. Leierseder, E. Galopin, A. Lemaître, A. Amo, J. Bloch, R. Huber. Revealing the dark side of a bright exciton-polariton condensate. Nature Communications 5, 4648 (2014) [pdf]
  • M. Porer, U. Leierseder, J.-M. Ménard, H. Dachraoui, L. Mouchliadis, I. E. Perakis, U. Heinzmann, J. Demsar, K. Rossnagel, R. Huber. Non-thermal separation of electronic and structural orders in a persisting charge density wave. Nature Materials 13, 857 (2014) [Link] [pdf]
  • M. Porer, J.-M. Ménard, R. Huber. Shot noise reduced Terahertz detection via spectrally postfiltered electro-optic sampling. Optics Letters 39, 2435 (2014) [pdf]
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  • J.-M. Ménard, A. E. Mattacchione, H. M. van Driel, C. Hautmann, M. Betz. Ultrafast optical imaging of the spin Hall effect of light in semiconductors. Physical Review B 82, 045303 (2010) [pdf]
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  • R. W. Newson, J.-M. Ménard, C. Sames, M. Betz and H. M. van Driel. Coherently Controlled Ballistic Charge Currents Injected in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Graphite. Nano Letters 8, 1586 (2008) [pdf]
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